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10 Tips Mengingat Vocabulary English secara efisien

Posted by Rizqi Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

Susah kan menghafalkan kosakata baru? Apalagi itu kata2 itu terdengar baru dan jarang terdengar. Kadang bikin frustasi juga ketika berusaha mengungkapkan pendapat, tapi kosakata terbatas. Seseorang yang punya kosakata terbatas, cenderung mengulang “mmm….” ato diam sebentar sehingga antusiasme pendengar juga cepat hilang. Duh, padahal ide yang anda tawarkan mungkin bernilai berlian jika diterangkan dengan bahasa ibu, Bahasa Indonesia ato Jawa.

Berikut ini ada 10 tips cara mengingat kosakata baru secara efisien. Sengaja saya tampilkan sesuai bahasa aslinya untuk menerapkan tips #10, observe new word while reading. Hope it's useful for you.

Connect: It's easier to memorize words based on a common theme. Make your own connections between words and possibly organize them in a spider diagram.

Write: Practically using vocabulary can help it stick in your mind. Write sentences with new vocabulary words or compose a story using a group of words or expressions.

Draw: Expose the artist in you by drawing pictures related to the words you study. Your drawings can help trigger your memory in the future.

Act: Get your moves on by acting out words and expressions you learn. Or, imagine and act out a situation where you would need to use them.

Create: Design flashcards in English and study them in your spare time. Each week make new ones, but continue to review all of them.

Associate: Assign different colors to different words. This association will help you recall vocabulary later.

Listen: Think about other words which sound similar to the words you're learning, especially complex words. Associate the other words with this new word to help you remember the pronunciation.

Choose: Remember that topics that interest you will be easier to learn. Therefore, carefully select words that you will find useful or interesting. Even the process of making the choice is a memory aid!

Limit: Don't try to memorize the dictionary in a day! Limit yourself to 15 words per day, and you'll gain confidence instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Observe: Keep an eye out for the words you're studying when reading or listening to English.

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