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Various Idioms Using "All"

Posted by admin-ngenglishyuk Rabu, 11 Juli 2012

Just opened old archives in my inbox and found old mail taught me about idioms with using wording "all".

All heart (adjective) :
It means that someone who's very kind and generous.
Ex: "Dena is good person. she is all heart and always helping out the poor and unfortunate"

All your eggs in one basket :
It means don't put something in one place, because it has a risk, and you can loose all of this at once.
Ex: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket, let's put something in the right and save place"

All ears (adjective) :
Ex: "I'm all ears everything the teacher said"

All in your head (adjective):
It means when you imagined something around your head, it's not really real.
"Don't be afraid with this exam, the invigilator is good. it's just all in your head, that think she is crabby"

All eyes on me (adjective) :
Everything is looking you
"I stand in front of the class, i start to present my speech. and then all eyes on me in my speech."

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