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Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Conference Call Etiquette

Posted by admin-ngenglishyuk Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

I read this interesting post in internal company correspondence. It tells us about Conference Call Etiquette. I believe conference call is often to be used because of communication technology is better compared to 10 years back, and reduce cost (because you don't have to travel few hours and spend a night, just to attend few minutes meeting).
I believe this is useful for you. :)

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Conference Call Etiquette

Conference calls through MeetingPlace are an easy, effective and efficient way to coordinate business activities, exchange ideas and hold important meetings among geographically dispersed people. To get the most out of conference calls, especially when you are the host, please keep the following Do’s and Don’ts in mind.


  1. Do find a quiet place with little or no background noise to take the call from, if you can’t keep yourself on mute while you are not talking. Nobody on the call wants to hear traffic, sirens or a barking dog. Be respectful of others around you and limit the use of speakerphone in open areas.

  2. Do ask callers to say hello and introduce themselves. Even though you may never meet in person, it’s a good relationship builder and gets the shyest of people to at least say their name. As attendees join the call and identify themselves, always introduce them to each other and acknowledge new attendees.

  3. Do use the nearest dial-in number for your location;

  4. Do speak using a “normal” (“inside”) tone and volume. Today’s conference phones offer excellent acoustic clarity; yelling or speaking too quietly is distracting.

  5. Do close the meeting formally, thanking everybody for their time. That little bit of recognition will make them feel good about talking to you again.


  1. Don’t put the call on hold. If you have to step away, use “mute” by pressing “#5” (*or any button, see your phone instruction) rather than pressing “hold;” the music that plays during “hold” can be very disruptive to others on a call. If you absolutely must answer an incoming phone call during the meeting, activate “mute” – by pressing #5 – before answering the other incoming call. When returning to the meeting, un-mute by pressing #5 again.

  2. Don’t use cell phones; they pick up background noise and have inferior voice quality.

  3. Don’t interrupt. Give others a chance to finish what they are saying before speaking.

  4. Don’t shuffle papers; use your computer keyboard, scrape chairs, pencil tap, hum or engage in other distracting activities. The noise will be magnified, becoming a huge annoyance and disruption, and can even drown out the conversation.

  5. Don’t have side conversations. They are a distraction to those listening from the other end.

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